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Vancouver Island Climate

Vancouver Island's climate is typified by warm, dry summers and the mild, wet winters. Freezing day time temperatures are fairly rare at sea level, although there is enough overnight frost to warrant moving your tropical plants indoors for the winter. Along with the south coast of BC's mainland, the region enjoys a climate that is milder by far than the rest of Canada.

Regional Variations

Regional temperature variation is not extreme, but the south island and southern Gulf Islands do have average temperatures a few degrees warmer than the northern part of Vancouver Island. 

Variation in rainfall is considerable, however. Precipitation on the west coast is very high, earning the area the distinction of being classified as "temperate rainforest". Victoria and the southern Gulf Islands, on the other hand, enjoy a "rain shadow" effect, and have very moderate rainfall and many more hours of sunshine. Falling between these extremes are the island's east coast and northern tip, with the east coast being closer to the climate of the south, and the northern tip more nearly approaching conditions on the west coast. 

Vancouver Island average air temperature by month.

Regional variations exist, but are not extreme, with greatest variation being in winter temperatures by elevation. 

Vancouver Island average chance of rainfall by month. 

N.B.: There is considerable regional variation

Vancouver Island average hours of sunlight by month. 

N.B.: There is considerable regional variation


Vancouver Island average surface water temperature by month.


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